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Reel to Real Recording Studio Makes Each Child's Dreams Come True.

Review Your impact on my daughter's life!  Thank You
  Dear Anthony,

I don't know if you remember us, as it was quite a few years ago. My daughters name is Shannon Hayward, you recorded her after a karaoke contest at the Warwick Mall. Although she didn't win you called me the next day  and asked me to have her come in to your studio. You were very taken with her voice and thought it was very mature for her age, at the time. (she was only 14)  She recorded 3 country songs with you. You mentioned that you would like to hear her when she is older. Well, she is 28 now and performing at the Comedy Connection in East Providence and one of the judges is from Sony Records who is highly interested in her. She has come a long way from when she recorded with you,  It was you whom first discovered her and I'll never forget that. I'm sure she would love to talk to you,  It is a contest for $5,000 and a recording session with Sony Records. The 1st leg of the semi finals is tomorrow, one next week and then the finals afterwards. I don't think she would have continued on this road if it weren't for you giving her a start in your studio.  I will never forget you or the look on her face when I told her you wanted her to come to the studio!   I just want you to know the kind of impact you had in my daughters life and for that I am forever greatful! 

Thanks A Million!!!!

Laurie (Shannon's mom)



Review A Great Birthday Party
Dear Anthony

We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful recording party you put on for my twin girls,  Kristina and Kayla,  who were turning "10" and looking for something to do for their birthday that no one else had done.  From the time we walked through the door we were so impressed with the organization and overall experience that Anthony had provided for them.  They had so much fun recording the songs that they chose and couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.  As a parent you are always looking for that experience that your children will never forget and I feel this will be the one.  They were so excited to get home and listen to the CD they had recorded and it certainly didn't disappoint any of them.  I was not sure if all of the girls would feel comfortable participating in the songs but you made it fun and made them all feel at ease.  I was so surprised to see them all participate without hesitation.  That, to me shows how much experience you have behind you and that we made the right choice in going to your studio.  Thank you again for an amazing experience that they will never forget! I am sure we will be back again soon! 

Sue McEvoy




Review Gift Certificate
I went to Reel to Real Recording Studio with my best friend as a belated birthday present from my aunt. I had so much fun! We were giggling and being funny in the recording area and Anthony, the studio owner kept saying how he should be recording it and we were laughing and kept saying no. I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience and hopefully we'll be back to record more songs in the future!!!!!
Kristina and Vanessa




Review Priceless Treasure

"Anthony....I don't even know how to begin! For the last 3 years I have asked you about having Ava's party at your studio. I couldn't wait. Well.....it finally happened and I couldn't be any happier. This was the BEST experience I have had at a kids birthday party! You are even more amazing than before (if that is possible). The productions you made over the years for the kids at Oaklawn were priceless treasures. You encompassed every emotion in them.
Well, many, many, years later I must tell you that you have not lost that touch. You have perfected it. You have given Tom and I a priceless treasure of Ava and for that we will always be grateful.
I cannot begin to say it was OUR pleasure to be able to work with you and we look forward to doing this again.




Review Gratitude!!!
Dear Anthony,
I had to express my gratitude for the fantastic 9th birthday party you provided my daughter Bella and her friends.  They had a truly memorable time and I am extremely grateful. 
As the mother of four girls, I have experienced every imaginable venue for parties in the state.  Our party at Reel to Real Recording is by far my favorite one!  Your attention to detail, organization and easy-going personality made it a great experience for us.  Each girl will certainly be playing their CD all summer long.  I know we will be.   

Bella's sister is already planning on celebrating her next birthday at Reel to Real.  I look forward to seeing you in the future. 

Truly yours,
Joy Bianco




Review The Talk of Charlotte's School!!!!
Dear Anthony,
I wanted to thank you for "hosting" Charlotte's 7th birthday.  My husband and I were both very impressed with the event.  The items you gave to both Charlotte and her friends went above and beyond our expectations!   The girls had a great time and I have been told the party was the talk of the morning news at school the following Monday.  I am still having parents tell me what a blast their child had at the party and how their child wants to have a birthday party at the studio as well.   Thank you again and I expect to see you in the summer as my own three children now want to come in to record their own CDs! 
Lori Carney





Review A Perfect Day!!!!
Dear Anthony,
Although my schedule is incredibly busy, I wanted to take the time to write you a testimonial about our experience at Reel to Real as it was just so perfect!
My daughter's 10 yr old birthday party at Reel to Real Recording Studio was the most fantastic experience! We came from Central Massachusetts to Cranston, Rhode Island for this special birthday party - and every part of it was a success! Even the drive down - with the anticipation building - was fun and relatively easy. When we arrived at the door, the experience began... the girls were thrilled at the Neon birthday greeting, the "real" recording studio atmosphere, the flowers, hats, sunglasses, etc. Anthony doesn't just run the recording studio session - he produces an incredible experience for the birthday child and her guests. He seems to have a knack for knowing how to relate with children of different ages and hits the right tone to make them feel special but not intimidated.
He is also very helpful and patient with the frenzied parent trying to plan the best possible experience for her child - and makes it easy. He's the one who remembered that I needed to order the pizza and had the phone number all set at just the right time... the parents (and grandmother) who came along had as much fun as the kids, including me! We sang along, danced, listened to the headphones and laughed... I've never been as relaxed and able to enjoy the experience" at one of my child's birthday parties, including when I've hired a birthday planner to come into my home and run a birthday party! The ride home was incredibly fun as the girls listened to their CD and laughed and sang along with it.
In summary, we have done a lot of fun birthday parties in the past - science museums, baseball games, ChuckEs, pool parties, Harry Potter, etc... but this far surpassed the others in terms of ease and fun! One of the best things about the experience was that each girl, no matter how reserved or extraverted, was made to feel special and comfortable... and left the studio with a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment and a fun memory to cherish! The girls are still raving about it two months later!
Thanks again.
P.S.  The "moms" had so much fun that we are thinking of coming back just for us!
From Elizabeth Kelly, Central MA


Review My Little Pop Star


Just wanted to thank you for making Giavanna’s 7th Birthday a star studded performance.  From the moment we arrived on the red carpet, to seeing her name in lights, to the flowers you gave her, all the nice touches you gave her truly made her feel like a “Star”.  Giavanna and her friends had an awesome time recording their own CD and then receiving one as a keepsake.  I know all the Mom’s have heard their customized CD’s more than once.  I would highly recommend Reel to Real Recording Studio to anyone looking for a fun-filled, professionally organized Party Place where all the kids leave feeling like a “Real Star”.  Thanks Again… 

From Gina M. Sabitoni-Arakelian 


Review This was a great fieldtrip for my kids!
  July 2009...  Rain, rain, rain...what to do with my guests? Friends are here from out of state...RI beaches, outdoor fun....Newport....NOT!  Having had my daughter's birthday party at Reel to Real Recording Studio, I knew how much fun it could be.  The girls had such a blast and, unlike most summer activities, we got to take the memories with us on the CD! This was the best spent money and certainly beats the "same ole, same ole"...you know, movies, bowling...   What else is there to do with your kids in the rain? Even if it wasn't raining, this was a very well kept secret for extracurricular activity! Thanks for the fun, the lights, the music and, oh yes, the pictures!!  How about an "End the Summer Party"??!! 
From Lori & Sophia DeRobbio   Cranston, RI


Review The BEST Birthday party my daughter EVER had!
  I just wanted to write about our experience at Reel to Real Recording Studio. We had my daughter Madison's 10th birthday party there and it was a total blast.  Anthony took care of everything and made everyone laugh and feel comfortable.  He's a lot of fun and the whole experience was great.  I highly recommend it.  That was our second time there.  The first time it was a mother/daughter day and my two daughter's made their own CD's for fun.  They had such a great time the first time there is the reason we booked my oldest daughter's party there.  I (the mom) want to go back and make my own CD (if my kids would share the mic)                                                                           Reel to Real totally ROCKS........KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ANTHONY
From Kerry Wiech


Review Mother's testimonial
The party for my daughter Casey at Reel to Real Recording Studio far exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of the 90 minute session was fun, professional and easygoing. Anthony was so great with the girls, and I never felt like there were so many rules that they couldn't have a good time. Every one of them got into the singing and the music, and they all couldn't believe how fast the time went. When I was searching for something different to do for Casey's party and came across this site, I looked at the testimonials. As positive as they were, I figured, I would be smart not to set my expectations too high. I didn't set them high enough - it was by far, the best birthday party Casey has ever had! ...Mom
Casey's Testimonial
I had a fantastic time on my 11th birthday at Reel to Real. It was so awesome - I got to pick all of my favorite songs to sing with my friends, and everyone really got into it. I got a pretty bouquet of flowers, a guitar that my friends signed, cool sunglasses and other stuff. I would tell anybody who wants to have a blast on their birthday to go to Reel to Real.  Casey, age 11
From Lee & Casey Jensen


Review This is the most fun ever!
  "We've done the magician, the reptile man, even a Harry Potter theme party. But nothing was as much fun for kids and parents alike as our trip to Reel to Real. We brought girls ages 9 to 11, and they had the time of their lives. Anthony, who owns and runs the studio, is absolutely wonderful. Patient, thoughtful, attentive--he makes sure everything goes right. And the value of the event is terrific, too. Very modestly priced for all that you get--including the finished CDs to take home and enjoy for years to come. Don't miss this one!"
From A very happy dad of Hope, RI


Review Special Memory!!
  "I was looking for something fun and different for my daughter to do on school vacation, and we decided to give the recording studio a try. I can't brag enough about our experience, though Dannon was very nervous at first , Anthony (the owner) made her feel so comfortable and was extremely patient. I think it is a great memory and keepsake to have forever. My daughter just mentioned to me yesterday that she is ready to go back to record another CD."
From Dawn Brigham of Bellingham, MA


Review Best party ever
  "I had my daughters birthday party at Reel to Real. It was a 90 minute recording session with 12 9 year olds. They all want to go back for their birthdays. My Daughter was so happy with it. Anthony was so good with the kids. He made them feel comfortable & has a great personality.. Thanks Anthony for making some great memories for Samantha!!!! It truly was the best birthday she ever had. I want mine there too!!!!!"
From Lori Lisi of Cranston, RI


  I have been in the television broadcast and production business all my working life. With over ten years at CBS and being the principal in ITF, Inc. my production/syndication company I can speak with experience. In my semiretirement state I became involved with an advocacy organization called RISC (Rhode Island Statewide Coalition). As a member of the board and the only person with production experience I was given the assignment to create a presentation that could be used for the RISC annual members meeting. I fortunately came upon Reel to Real and the talents of Anthony Marrapese. It was with his technical and creative talent, his state of the art studio, that contributed to the overwhelming success of the presentation. RISC is in the process of producing another presentation for 2008 and there is only one studio/talent I would hire: REEL TO REAL and Anthony Marrapese.
From Thomas M. Battista


Review Testimonial for Anthony Marrapese / Reel to Real  

Anthony Marrapese, the owner of Reel to Real Recording studio, is the preferred vender for conducting video projects for the child welfare system - the RI Child Welfare Institute in particular.  Mr. Marrapese’s consultation and filming resulted in the creation of a video training format and a series of six (6) videos. These training tools continue to be integral to the orientation and training of new staff in Child Protective Services as well as for new social case workers.

Mr. Marrapese’s credentials and experience within the area of child welfare resulted in his participation in the Family-Centered Practice Video project for RI Department of Children, Youth and family’s Project and the RI Child Welfare Institute.  Mr. Marrapese’s skill contributed to the creation of a training video that conveyed sensitivity and respect for the children and their families involved with RI’s child welfare system.  This final product continues to be used as a training tool for child welfare staff and human service providers in Rhode Island.  The video is also cited as a training resource in the Muskie Institute’s Moving Child Welfare Forward:  Achieving Positive Outcomes for Chilrdren, Youth and Families syllabus. 

Reel to Real represents an excellent resource for professional videography and training projects.  Anthony Marrapese is the preferred provider of videography services for the Rhode Island Child Welfare Institute. 

Tonya Glantz, M.S.W.   Clinical Training Specialist  RI Child Welfare Institute



We are in the medical device business and I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony Marrapese at the Reel to Real Recording Studios for over 15 years on a wide variety of audio and video projects. We have produced clinical in-service materials for our customers, testimonial videos, entertainment/training audio and video programs as communication vehicles to the sales force and larger-scale video productions for our National Sales Meetings.

Anthony provides a full range of services including creative, production, filming and editing and we have always appreciated his bringing something of major value and an enhancement to the project. He has a sense of what the audience needs to see and hear, knows how to capture it as effectively as possible on screen and then adds creative elements and dimensions in editing that gives us a final product that exceeds our expectations. He does whatever it takes to get the job done on time and on target. That’s why we keep coming back.



John Uhoch    Sr. Market Manager    Davol, Inc.  Cranston, RI